Do You Know Me?
DOYOUKNOWME.ORG has been holding events for about 5 years. Using media, music and message to overcome the tension brought on by diversity. The goal is to "expose" people to the idea of relationship with our neighbors both new and old. To heal the divides in our country and community we encourage them to engage people - even if "they" don't look, sound or worship like "we" do.   
With diversity on the increase - our understanding of each other declines. We find ourselves behind ethnic & cultural walls, built by Media, Stereotype, Rhetoric and "Instant" judgments.  We must be pro- active about LOVING ALL our "neighbors."  Only relationship can bear the load of building trust - from a history of division.
VISION of DoYouKnowMe.org

 To see EVERY Tribe, Tongue, Hue & Gender joyfully worshiping God in loving fellowship... That the world may  know and believe!
(Jn. 17:21-23, Col 3:11f, Mt. 5:23-24, Mark 11:17 etc.) 

MISSION OF DoYouKnowMe.org

 To Encourage EVERY Follower of Christ to Engage & Bless EVERY Neighbor they encounter – without partiality.

(Lev. 19:18, Gal 5:13-15, Luke 10:26-37, Is 56:6-7 etc.) 
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