Do You Know Me?

Understanding & Overcoming our differences through relationship.


Language, Rhetoric, Stereotypes & Prejudice.  In this recent interview and RR team member Michael Lindsey shares about those things which keep us from breaking down racial barriers (reconciliation) and the importance of really knowing each other.   
Do we really have a problem with Race in this country?  Why should I worry about Racial Reconciliation?  Tom Tillapaugh (Founder of the Denver Street School and Street School Network.)  Shares some statistics about the minority dropout rate. There are powerful and practical reasons to get involved with reconciliation.  

Pastor Robert and Eddie Woolfolk of Agape Christian Church (in Denver Colorado) share how KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBOR and serving their needs can be an effective approach to racial reconciliation.  

Michael Lindsey has suffered terrible violence at the hand of men who "happen to be" Black.  But Michael is commited to Racial Reconciliation and shares about the incredible healing he has found and lessons he has learned by being a member of an African American Church for over 10 years.  
How can Racial Reconciliation succeed?  Pastor Robert Woolfolk of Agape Christian Church has the answer.  
It is a work of God!