Do You Know Me?

Understanding & Overcoming our differences through relationship.


Gather Together...

DOYOUKNOWME.ORG has been holding events for about 9 years. Using media, music and message to overcome the tension brought on by diversity. The goal is to "expose" people to the idea of relationship with our neighbors both new and old. To heal the divides in our country and community we encourage them to engage people - even if "they" don't look, sound or worship like "we" do.   
The DoYouKnowMe Choir has been able to appear at a variety of church and civic events, including the July 22nd BBQ and picnic.  We would love to have you join us! The choir is a fun and meaningful way to connect with people outside your normal "sphere" of life. We perform and accompany music from Contemporary to Gospel - from Negro Spirituals - to Cultural drums and dancers.  Shared music & story have been a meaningful weapon for peace!